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If you use my Complete Mouth Care System - but continue to need dental treatments:

I suggest you print this PDF file and read the suggestion list carefully.  Success is in the details - and the cost of continuing dental treatment may make this five-minute read a great investment!

Do you believe that you can be cavity-free forever? Think what this could mean for you. Consider the time and expense your would save, plus the difference it could mean for your mouth and general health.

You may try to floss, or use some expensive toothpastes or rinses but if these products are not working – why not try something different? If your gums bleed or if you continue to need fillings or dental repairs – don’t buy any excuses that you have weak or soft teeth. These problems are signs you have a disease and mouth acidity that is causing damage. That is actually good news – since dental disease and mouth acidity can be easily stopped and the damage prevented!

If you let dental problem continue - eventually you will get to a point where fillings can’t fix your troubles any more. Then you will need very expensive crowns, root canals, implants or dentures. The crazy thing is that all this can be avoided if you give teeth just a little more protection and help with a clean toothbrush, some great toothpaste and frequent small amounts of xylitol.

I understand not everyone will use my Complete Mouth Care System – but here are some ideas to help. The first 4 ideas are basic things that anyone can do to improve their oral health, moving up the ladder to ideas for Ultimate Oral Health!

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